“SensyBEE by IDEOVITRA” is allowing to take control of all electrical and electronic appliances, with a huge focus on professional environment.


The products allow to monitor the usage and take control of all parameters, such as killing vampire energy, supervising temperature and air quality, and helping in operations risk management.



Our exclusive plugs ans sensors will generate

"Beautiful Energy Economies" !

B - E - E 


SensyBEE is a premium range of connected and active devices, a total solution in energy management  for the industry and private use.

Our aim is to provide a valuable technological approach to allow you to harvest energy and take control of your environment without sacrificing your comfort.

In the following we'd like to explain how we are creating connected devices operating in one single networtk, helping you to supervise your entire private or business environment, in all SIMPLICITY!



“The ideal custom designed in-place controlled plugs”



“Locally anticipate the customer’s need for energy”



“Dramatically reduce operational costs through eco-green attitude”




No monthly fee to pay for a service - just make economies!


SensyBEE is more cost effective and easier than using conventional “smart” plugs, because 

we are not just metering. 


  • SensyBEE is proactively planning for you when a device can be totally switched off or not.
  • Our optional sensors are increasing the comfort and directly controlling the activity at each strategic spot
  • You can implement more modules upon your own preferences and needs!

What makes SensyBEE different?

Every product on the market is asking you to program - we don't!

SensyBEE is  an extremely sophisticated but simple-to-use energy harvesting technology.


- Energy savings all year long (nigths, weeks ends, vacation).

- Flexibility because you don't need to program, the plug learns by itself !

- Fast and low cost installation, with reduced impact on the environment.


 Immediately start to spare money in energy harvesting.  

Easily get started - It's really plug-and-work!

SensyBEE makes your life easier with

no hassle of looking after details




SensyBEE is easy to install and maintain:


  • works as stand-alone vampire killer without external assistance.
  • with unlimited flexibility!


“Out of the box and immediately ACTIVE and EFFICIENT”


With SensyBEE you acquire Local Intelligence:

  • acquires history automatically during the set up phase
  • schedules all by itself the best economic scenario

"Completely HANDS- and MIND-FREE solution"



Use Worldwide!

We’ve created the products with the International IEC connector, which is perfect for using the plugs in connection with any electrical or electronic device, such as PCs, printers, hifi and video. In addition we shall offer connectors and adaptors to any country standard – please have a look at our website SENSYBEE -  Energy Inspired- we’ve sorted out a specific selection of articles to match any plugging situation.

Unique rotating plug feature

We’ve created a “rotating plug” feature, with the benefit of orienting the plug on any device, for instance if there is a ventilation on the computer, you can easily match any kind of situation and optimize placement!



Harvest energy and take control of your comfort

  • SensyBEE identifies most economical ways to use devices and recognize appliances that are operating inefficiently: seamlessly reduce energy waste and save money.
  • SensyBEE sensors will automatically set up the best in-room atmosphere at lowest possible cost - this enhancing your comfort experience.
  • SENSYBEE detects you, not your smartphone and matches your life habits to assure you peace-of-mind!

Our Dashboard:

your energy management for a greener world

We recommend to use our devices the way they have been imagined for:  let them make their own scheduling, adapt to your lifestyle and, after a period, experienced users can easily set up their own rules.


Real-time electricity and room parameters monitoring


Our plugs and sensors can be deployed and operated with minimal costs with no wiring, no programming.


They will report at regular intervals the data they have acquired, in a local mode: 

  • Real-time electricity monitoring, but not only ;
  • Other parameters like humidity, temperature, CO, COV, etc can be monitored upon your own preferences.


Keep 100% control with the dashboard

Our Dashboard will allow you to routinely perform checks and fine tune adjustments upon your own preferences and life habits.


Monitor everything from everywhere in your premises


Our solutions are really simple, and you don’t need to be a programmer to make the best use of SensyBEE.

  • PC, Smartphone and tablet can be used with our gateway but these are not necessary to start!
  • Our responsive design dashboard will automatically address your wishes!